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Marriage is everything we were told while also being completely different from what we were told. Marriage is sweet, it's great.

Marriage is everything we were told while also being completely different from what we were told. Marriage is sweet, it's great.



As much as I'll like to say I don't have a marriage advice for you and also that I am not an expert on singleness, the holyspirit doesn't agree with that so I repent and I am sharing right away.

I am sure you'll be expecting my first lesson to be what I  sharing first, which is:


  1. God is the foundation for a marriage that will last, because the wind will blow, the floods will come and test the home you are building, the only reason it will stand is because the foundation the Rock himself. Don't leave the holyghost out of it, Don't, if you have, discontinue mission and get him involved and if you are still single and you know in your heart that you weren't led by God, please abort mission, I repeat, abort mission. That's on period.


  1. Don't stop doing what is right because your partner isn't reciprocating(just yet,because I believe a partner who loves you will learn all and do all it takes to make you feel that way).

Deaden the mentality of 'if you do me,I'll do you", marriage isn't about who does better or worse, it's not performance based.Marriage is commitment as instructed.

it shouldn't be bring 50 I bring 50, it should be even if you bring 50, I'll bring all my 100 because it's better to have 150 than 100, right? Right.

 Communicate with your partner about what you think they should be doing and lead by example and if your partner is teachable, they'll get the memo.


  1. which leads to my third point,be teachable, in the word and through your partner, they see you better than you see yourself and for a believing partner, you should believe thier correction is in Love, so in as much as you might not like how he/she said it, focus more on what is said and work on it. Correct in love too even if you are practicing tough love, love is still involved.
  2. Choose your battles wisely, not all battles are worth fighting and of which many aren't even battles at all after you step back from the heat of the disagreement. 

Marriage is a beautiful sea but just as the sea is known for its beautiful scenery, it also has it's dangerous sides.

Let the HolySpirit lead you to know where to put your feet. You don't have to fight about everything that doesn't please you because the marriage isn't about you alone, it's also about your partner. 


  1. Love has a holistic meaning when you begin to live with the Man/woman of your dreams, sometimes you'll wish he was only in your dreams(pun intended)?

Love is you not succumbing to the flesh, not letting that anger fester. Let the misunderstanding help you, let Love make you sacrificial, put your partners needs ahead of yourself. Love should make you better and not bitter. Love like Christ.


  1. If it happens that you argue which you will probably do or not, argue fairly, stick to the present,don't go digging up what happened days ago, just because you now live with them and you know their failings and falling short, doesn't mean you should use that to fight and score points. Argue with the mindset of coming to agreement, working on your differences to the end that you get better.


  1. There might be abit of struggle here and there; Struggle to get your family devotion right(this one started when we move to the Uk, the struggle is real but we found a common ground, thanks emimimo(holyspirit).

struggle to understand your differences, Struggle to maintain your individuality while growing to be one, Struggle to start seeing their imperfections through the eyes of the one that loves you both inspite of your imperfections,Struggle to help him see the need to be on twitter and to be active on Instagram???(this one is my own aluta continua)there is a story behind this particular one tho.

Let the holyghost lead is my one cent, it won't play out like the marriage of your friend, fave or mentor, it won't go your own way either, as long as the holygost leads, your marriage will find its pattern, one that works for you both and also glorifies God.


Hope this helped, let me know


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